Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rain or Shine - The backing is done!

Remember this quilt from a few posts back?

Well I finally finished the back.  For this full/queen size quilt I didn't want to go out and buy more fabric when I had a ton of coordinating fabric in my stash so gathered a bunch of pieces I already had.  Some were fabrics used for the top of the quilt and others were fun pieces I just wasn't sure what I was going to do with.

I started by cutting pieces down the WOF in half and added a 6-7 inch panel as the needed width was more than two times the standard width of fabric (44-45")

Next, I laid out the pieces to decide what order I wanted them to be.

It didn't take long and the backing was complete.  I actually like this so much I plan to use it as the top of the quilt every now and then, it really could be it's own quilt top.

Here's the quilt top and backing all folded up together.....

Bonus pic, this is my brother, he was helping me take a picture of the completed backing.  He really didn't want his picture taken, but I took this one anyway ;)

Top and backing complete, check!  Next onto the adventures of quilting.....


  1. Those are really beautiful fabrics and you made the back as lovely as the front!

  2. Nicely done! It's really a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see future projects up!

  3. Waving hi to da guy behind the quilt! Beautiful job Adriane!!! Love ya~Aunt D