Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Project

I had a wonderful surprise this week.  One of Mr. Fabric Addict’s co-workers is moving and surprised us by leaving a bag full of quilting magazines and stippling stencils at Mr. Fabric Addict’s desk.  Thank you Lou!!  Of course his male co-workers teased him a bunch, but I was very happy J  I haven’t been very satisfied with machine quilting and I have to admit that I am awful at stippling, so I have been thinking about trying hand quilting.  To get a taste, I think I’ll use some of these stencils for the butterfly border of my Rain or Shine quilt….. More to come on that!
So last night my mom came over and had fun looking through the quilting magazines while I started my next project, a bag to hold a sewing machine extension table.  I made one for myself already, but a few of the ladies that were in the Glacier Star class with me really liked my bag and wanted me to make them one too.  This one is for Wendy; she picked out some great Jo Morton fabric.  It’s kind of fun working on a project that someone else picked the fabric for!  I’ve used Jo Morton fabric in the past and really like the autumn tones.  If you look closely you can see the tan fabric is made up of many, many signatures.  This will be my first project with a fabric print made up of writing.  I bought a fat quarter once with writing on it, but I’ve been afraid to use it…. I’m not sure how I want to cut it up.

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  1. I love those kind of surprises. I get bags of fabric at church from women who know that I love their scrap pieces!

    Good luck with the bag!